Upcoming events

dj mchale in the shop!

no one does action/ adventure/ thriller quite like dj. if you have a middle grader (8-12) – particularly a boy – then get him into this guy already! see his books here, and join us @ 5:30!

trenton lee stewart is here!

the master of mysteries, mr. trenton lee stewart, will be here on friday, september 30th! his series, the mysterious benedict society is one of our go to’s, and we can’t wait for his newest book, the secret keepers. pre-order here and come meet him at 5:30 pm.

stuart gibbs in the shop!

we can’t get enough of stuart gibbs and all of his hilarious books! pre-order a copy of the newest in the nyt bestselling spy school series here and come meet him on thursday, october 6th @ 5 pm!

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