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our wall of f(r)ames

the tall shelves came down (from the wall), the short shelves came up (from the basement). now all the books can be reached without standing on tiptoe or wobbling on a ladder.  it is hand-y, whether you’re pint- or pitcher-sized.  there is something about having that book within reach.

and the empty wall?

well, it’s been framed…









and we can’t wait to fill it!

this month, it will hold photos of the shop kids taken by a d.c. photographer who will be in the shop on may 9th to do mini-sessions for our customers.

next month, we will display the artwork of sabot at stony point students.

and in between?

create something for us!

let a favorite book inspire some art.  come to the shop and we’ll find a spot for it.  we like having a rotating gallery.

but not only will the wall showcase artwork on paper, it will frame our favorite books as well! as more books become part of the ebook library, the more we miss seeing our favorite titles and their covers on our shelves.  we think that they are treasures meant to be marvelled.  plus, we believe that any book we place on our shop shelves is worthy of some special attention.  hence the frames.

think about it.  which books do you hold dear?  which represent milestones or moments to remember in your lives?  maybe it’s time they got the f(r)ame they deserve.


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