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jan brett event details


bbgb is bringing jan brett to richmond! here is just what you need to know to plan for this event.

location and times: friday, november 22 at the children’s museum of richmond, 2626 w. broad st. jan’s 15-minute presentation begins at 5 o’clock, her tour bus and a hedgie character will be available for photo opportunities from 4 o’clock. we will also begin forming the line at 4 o’clock.

book pre-orders: this is the best way to guarantee a signature in your book(s). each book purchased from bbgb will receive a specially designed and signed bookplate. you can pick up your book(s) prior to the event day, but the bookplates will be distributed with proof of purchase (your receipt) on the event day. therefore, you may choose to pick up your book(s) with the bookplate on event day. if you cannot attend the event, your book(s) and bookplate will be available for pick-up at the shop the following day.

jan will do her very best to sign/personalize any other books from your home, library, classroom, etc., that time permits. the number of books that jan can sign/personalize per family depends upon the number of people at the signing. this can only be determined on the day.

book sales at the event: a collection of jan brett’s books will be available for purchase, including her new book, cinders: a chicken cinderella. each book purchased at the event will also receive a signed bookplate. if we run through our allotment, addditional bookplates will be sent to the shop shortly after the event.

freebies: the first 100 families in line will receive a  free cinders poster.

note:  you do not need to pay to gain entry to the children’s museum just for this event. however, if plan to visit the museum with your family prior to the event, you will need to pay admission.

we hope you are as excited about this event as we are!





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