We all like a good story, here's ours.



jill stefanovich  (in charge of what’s up) can be reached at jill@bbgbbooks.com.

jenesse evertson (in charge of what to read) can be reached at jenesse@bbgbbooks.com.

melanie ferguson (in charge of the shop) can be reached at melanie@bbgbbooks.com.

what else

our virtual shop offers a selection of titles from the seasonal collections found on the shelves of our physical shop, as well as select titles from the school-specific bookfair collections we curate. our time spent with young readers in the schools clues us into the language, art and formats which inspire and energize them. be sure to click watch a review to listen to what they recommend!

in addition to maintaining our shops, we speak and write on those share-worthy bits of the book world, collaborate with local and international businesses to create collections of children’s books which reflect their particular ideals and attributes or inspire their thinking, and coordinate author/illustrator events on and off site. we also devote a large portion of our time to those philanthropic endeavors which aim to get real books into all children’s hands. we love to play with possibility, so do contact us with your interesting project ideas.