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by a.b. westrick

a compelling coming-of-age story set in post civil war richmond.

a.b. westrick is visiting chickahominy middle in december!


the last of the really great whangdoodles

by julie andrews edwards

bettie weaver’s all-school-reads book for 2015-2016!


the blossoming world of violet diamond

by brenda woods
grade 4+

eleven-year-old violet diamond feels as though she doesn’t belong, a biracial child, she never knew her father, who died before she was born. it’s a heartfelt story about a young girl finding her place in the world.

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fake id

by lamar giles
grade 8+

he won’t tell you his name, but he’s got a murder to solve…without failing high school.

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who am i without him?

by sharon flake
grade 7+

twelve short stories about guys and girls falling in and out of love and relationships, testing out ways to communicate with one another, respect each other—and respect themselves.

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by matthew quick
grades 7+

an unlikely friendship built around basketball, this is a powerful book about loss, love, family, and escape.

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the silver six

by a.j. lieberman
grades 4+

a group of orphans on the run, this dystopian graphic novel is full of adventure and heart.

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by marissa meyer
grades 6+

a cyborg cinderella…what else do we need to say.

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by raina telgemeier
grades 4+

she’s one of our most popular graphic novelist’s for girls. this title is set among the theatre community at a middle school and is full of all the stuff they love – crushes, relationships and all the related drama.

$10.99 $9.35 Buy This Book

turning 15 on the road to freedom

turning 15 on the road to freedom: my story of the selma voting rights march

by lynda blackmon lowery

one of our favorite nonfic books of this year. the story as told through this participant’s fifteen-year old eyes is all the more compelling due to its authenticity.

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20 ways to draw a cat

20 ways to draw a cat and 44 other awesome animals

by julia kuo

we love the endless possibilities supplied with these simple graphics. one of the most accessible how-to-draw titles we’ve seen.

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what is the super bowl?

text by dina anastasio

the “what is” series is one of our bestsellers due to the concise content and engaging illustrations. this one has everything you’d want to know about our favorite game.

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draw out the story

draw out the story: ten secrets to creating your own comics

by brian mclachlan

a popular title among all ages of comic, ‘zine and graphic novel lovers.

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etiquette and espionage

etiquette and espionage

by gail carrier

ah, poise and poison – a victorian/steampunk series set in a girls’ finishing for spies. we love it.



by s.e. hinton

a classic that’s as readable as it is relatable, even now.