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chris colfer here in richmond!

here are all the details for this event #1 New York Times bestselling author Chris Colfer returns on tour for the sixth and final book in The Land of Stories series! join us for an interactive event that will include: a reading from Chris, audience Q&A, The Land of Stories Trivia, a costume contest, and […]

help wanted!

even a teeny children’s bookshop needs to fill its space! for bbgb, that means 2 part-time positions right now. before we get to the particulars, let’s make sure we’re on the same page where it concerns… time. includes a weekend day tech. enough to work in multiple systems, make any printed material look sharp and […]

jan brett event details

bbgb is bringing jan brett to richmond! here is just what you need to know to plan for this event. location and times: friday, november 22 at the children’s museum of richmond, 2626 w. broad st. jan’s 15-minute presentation begins at 5 o’clock, her tour bus and a hedgie character will be available for photo opportunities […]

new in the shop: jabba

fantastic, it is.                              


tina kugler created a thought-provoking illustration of this publishing data…       (via scope notes)

new in the shop: diggers

we’ve stocked steve light’s trains go and trucks go for two years! here’s his latest and greatest…    

summer travel 2: paperback reader

the strategy: four titles, medium-thickness, arranged in a two by two grid on the bottom of the suitcase. the rationale: 1.  load-lightening as the trip lengthens – ideal for multiple-destination travel. 2. empty suitcase space just the right size for filling with souvenirs.             (i’ll probably actually refill with penguin […]

summer travel 1: it’s in the details

                if it happens, we’re prepared. my young travellers are now 8 and 9 years old, which means amusement is in the minutia. so today while i waited for the anti-nausea prescription to be processed, i picked up air travel accoutrements: one key chain flashlight for late looks […]

new in the shop: yoda

we can’t resist yoda, can you? package (foil cover, new mini-figure) + content (the saint of the star wars series) = best birthday gift for the 5+ set this summer.

a good choice?

we bet we’re not the only children of the 70s who read these obsessively… but we wonder just how they will work as movies (be sure to read to the end!)

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