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chris colfer here in richmond!

here are all the details for this event

#1 New York Times bestselling author Chris Colfer returns on tour for the sixth and final book in The Land of Stories series!

join us for an interactive event that will include: a reading from Chris, audience Q&A, The Land of Stories Trivia, a costume contest, and prizes. This is a ticketed event and a purchase of The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide is necessary for entry.

Each book purchase gets fans one raffle ticket. Fans in costume will receive an additional raffle ticket. Raffle tickets enter fans in a drawing for an exclusive VIP meet-and-greet with Chris immediately following the event. Chris will choose five lucky readers (+ 1 guest each) to meet him after the event to snap photos and have their books personalized.

With the purchase of book 6, The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide, you may obtain up to two companion tickets by purchasing up to two of any of the other books in the series. Each copy you buy secures you a raffle ticket. You are also able to purchase books at the event. The books will be pre-signed, so they will not be personalized.

this is a presentation only, as books will be pre-signed, there will be no line for live signing or photos.

purchase your books here.

help wanted!

even a teeny children’s bookshop needs to fill its space! for bbgb, that means 2 part-time positions right now. before we get to the particulars, let’s make sure we’re on the same page where it concerns…

time. includes a weekend day

tech. enough to work in multiple systems, make any printed material look sharp and confidence with social media

tots. we get em, along with their little fingerprints to clean and footprints to vacuum and towers of blocks to tidy

transport. we sell books off-site, particularly at elementary bookfairs in the area, and we make school deliveries as well. we need a driver with a car that can hold book boxes at least in one seat.

check, check, check, check? great, read on.

because we are an independent bookshop, we provide the community with a place to share excitement around books. we read all that is new and notable in literature for both kids and their grown-ups, but with a sense of nostalgia and wonder. our customers expect enthusiasm and fresh insight into the best books from both now and back-when, which means you’ll be reading from our collection both in (and out!) of the shop.

we also like to take book opinions from various perspectives on board as we create our collection each season. as such, it is helpful if you are not just like the two owners (that is, moms with kids.)

so those are the basic considerations for both roles. here are the specifics.

position #1: events. for hosting in-shop and in-school author visits, for creating clever seasonal activities and projects around books, for reading aloud to groups of kids, for generally managing audiences of one to one hundred with a smile and enthusiastic small talk.

position #2: book business related bits. for managing online and school sales, corresponding with publishing houses, organizing inventory. if one of these spots is a fit for you, please personally deliver your resume to our shop @ 3100 kensington avenue. and on the back, jot down a paragraph or so on one of your favorite children’s books. we like to know what you like and why. we look forward to hearing from you!

jenesse and jill 353.5675 (if you need to call with questions)

jan brett event details


bbgb is bringing jan brett to richmond! here is just what you need to know to plan for this event.

location and times: friday, november 22 at the children’s museum of richmond, 2626 w. broad st. jan’s 15-minute presentation begins at 5 o’clock, her tour bus and a hedgie character will be available for photo opportunities from 4 o’clock. we will also begin forming the line at 4 o’clock.

book pre-orders: this is the best way to guarantee a signature in your book(s). each book purchased from bbgb will receive a specially designed and signed bookplate. you can pick up your book(s) prior to the event day, but the bookplates will be distributed with proof of purchase (your receipt) on the event day. therefore, you may choose to pick up your book(s) with the bookplate on event day. if you cannot attend the event, your book(s) and bookplate will be available for pick-up at the shop the following day.

jan will do her very best to sign/personalize any other books from your home, library, classroom, etc., that time permits. the number of books that jan can sign/personalize per family depends upon the number of people at the signing. this can only be determined on the day.

book sales at the event: a collection of jan brett’s books will be available for purchase, including her new book, cinders: a chicken cinderella. each book purchased at the event will also receive a signed bookplate. if we run through our allotment, addditional bookplates will be sent to the shop shortly after the event.

freebies: the first 100 families in line will receive a  free cinders poster.

note:  you do not need to pay to gain entry to the children’s museum just for this event. however, if plan to visit the museum with your family prior to the event, you will need to pay admission.

we hope you are as excited about this event as we are!





new in the shop: jabba

fantastic, it is.


















tina kugler created a thought-provoking illustration of this publishing data…





(via scope notes)

new in the shop: diggers

we’ve stocked steve light’s trains go and trucks go for two years! here’s his latest and greatest…

diggers go!



summer travel 2: paperback reader

the strategy:

four titles, medium-thickness, arranged in a two by two grid on the bottom of the suitcase.

the rationale:

1.  load-lightening as the trip lengthens – ideal for multiple-destination travel.

2. empty suitcase space just the right size for filling with souvenirs.








(i’ll probably actually refill with penguin paperbacks while i’m in london. don’t you love them?)

summer travel 1: it’s in the details










if it happens, we’re prepared. my young travellers are now 8 and 9 years old, which means amusement is in the minutia. so today while i waited for the anti-nausea prescription to be processed, i picked up air travel accoutrements:

one key chain flashlight for late looks at waldo…
waldo travel











three plastic pencil sharpeners (because one will mangle the colored pencils and one will immediately go missing) to make the points necessary to fill the pages from the secret garden coloring book

secret garden






and one small magnifying glass because i’ve never seen such tiny numbers to connect.  what are your tools of the (time-filling) trade?

dots incredible












new in the shop: yoda

we can’t resist yoda, can you?

yoda chronicles

package (foil cover, new mini-figure) + content (the saint of the star wars series) = best birthday gift for the 5+ set this summer.

a good choice?

we bet we’re not the only children of the 70s who read these obsessively…


but we wonder just how they will work as movies (be sure to read to the end!)